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How to make a crown for the holiday

How to make a crown for the holiday

Almost all little girls dream of being a queen.

This dream is feasible due to the holidays, which are often held in schools.

These balls can turn into a snow queen or chess.

Crown - is the most important accessory of any of the queen, to the same and it is incredibly easy.



To crown the Snow Queen will need thickwhite wire, pliers and silver tinsel. Then the pliers is taken in which is bent round wire frame. What it will be in the form is not so important, the main thing - trust your imagination. And in the end frame wrapped tinsel. But do not forget one small detail, the crown have to fit the size of the baby's head. Therefore, it is necessary to make the frame very closely.


Crown Chess Queen can do,using cardboard, glue and a stapler. Done cardboard frame made of several layers, which are coated with glue or, to be sure that they do not fall apart, held together by a stapler. Top cut cloves. Thus, the basis for the crown is ready.


Now to complete its transformation. This will require an iridescent foil, a bright, colorful fabric. Cloth suit made of satin or silk. However, it is not necessary to use foil or cloth, you can use anything, is only to dream. At this stage, the crown is decorated with a beaded or sequins or beads. Selected for decoration material should not just rattling off randomly on the crown, and to come up with plain patterns, because the queen should look properly.

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