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How to make a crown for a holiday


How to make a crown for a holiday</a>

Almost all the little girls dream of being a queen.

This dream is quite feasible thanks to the holidays, which often take place in schools.

At these balls you can turn into a snow or chess queen.

The crown is the most important accessory of any queen, besides it is incredibly easy to do.



For the crown of a snow queen, a thickWhite wire, pliers, as well as silver tinsel. Then pliers are taken, with the help of which a round frame is bent from the wire. What form it will take is not so important, the main thing is to trust your imagination. And in the end the frame is wrapped in tinsel. However, do not forget about one small detail, the crown must necessarily fit the size of the child's head. Therefore, it is necessary to make the frame very carefully.


The Crown of the Chess Queen can be made,Using cardboard, glue and a stapler. A cardboard frame is made of several layers, which are smeared with glue or, for the full certainty that they will not disintegrate, are fastened with a stapler. Above cut out denticles. So, the base for the crown is ready.


Now let's proceed to its complete transformation. To do this, you need a shimmering foil, or a bright, colorful fabric. The fabric will come from satin, or silk. However, it is not necessary to use just foil or fabric, you can use anything, you just have to dream up. At this stage, the crown is decorated with either beads, rhinestones or beads. The material selected for decoration should not simply be randomly poured onto the crown, but to invent simple patterns, because the queen should look like a proper one.

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