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How to make a crate ondulin

How to make a crate under ondulin

The owners of private homes know that sooner or later will need to repair or complete replacement of the roof.

To date, one of the most popularroofing materials is ondulin (evroshife), the use of which involves a lasting base unit - crates, as it is from her lifetime depends on the house roof.

Therefore, to create it must be approached with great responsibility.

Onduline is rightly recognized as the best new productgeneration. The components that are used in the manufacture of such a roof, are environmentally friendly materials. Production of the material is carried out on special equipment using cutting-edge technologies and designs that allow to achieve high quality.

If we talk about Ondulina advantages, among them stands out:

- Flexibility
- udarostoykost-
- Resistance to mold and gribkov-
- Cost-relatively low
- Ecological purity of the material.

But, like any other roofing material, Ondulin need to properly lay, so that he could withstand any weather, and it requires to build a quality crate.

Euroslate - quite light material, so it can be placed without removing the old coating, such as slate. But in this case, can not do without battens.

Preparation of the material

It argued that perform work on the constructionlathing on forces only to professionals. But experience shows that the correct approach to the work to do it itself can house owner, even if he does not possess the necessary knowledge.

Construction begins with the preparation cratesnecessary materials. For these purposes, it is recommended to use softwood as its structure, as well as resin, which it identifies, it helps fight with reproduction of insects and bacteria, which means that this roof longer be able to maintain its original appearance.

As a timber for flooring must be used under the evroshifer bars section 50x60 mm and edging board size 25h100 mm. The minimum width of the board should be less than 15 cm.

All wooden crates are subject to mandatory elements of fire and antiseptic treatment.

With regard to the amount of material that for its calculation must be based on the number of roof beams, which will be attached kontrobreshetka.

lathing device technology under ondulin

Before starting work, nailed to the rafters waterproofing membrane using stepllera, you can then proceed to installation batten. All work can be divided into four stages:

1. Arrange the eaves and fix gutters holders. At the same time, remember that since the beginning of the eaves board should have a greater cross-section and the spacing between it and the second board to be less, not more than 300 mm. The very first board should act on the width of the eaves on both sides.
2. Fasten the remaining planks parallel to the eaves. As the use of fasteners or screws roofing nails.
3. Install the wind board over the crate, observing the height of 35-40 mm.
4. Nail the ridge board.

Sometimes the width of the slope requires multiple boards connected to each other. If that is the case, be sure to follow the procedure for fixing chess.

To avoid breaking the integrity of the roofingcake, do not allow differences in height when you connect the ends of the boards. When installing a solid crates expose a gap of 1 cm between the boards or bars. Fastening plywood in this case is carried out without gaps.

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