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How to make a decision of the court

How to make a decision of the court

The court's decision - is the final document of the proceedings.

It should be objective, reliable, infully reflect the arguments of the plaintiff, the defendant's objection, the court assess their motives acceptance or rejection of such arguments. Any solution consists of the following components:



The introductory part of the solution consists of: date of announcement of the operative part, the date of production solutions in a reasoned form (this date may not be later than five working days after the announcement), taking place a reference number by which imposed a judicial act, the name of the court and the judge the names, and the fact that the decision was made Russian name. It also indicates the attendance of the parties.


The descriptive part contains a list of the actualcircumstances of the case, a statement of the position of the plaintiff and defendant. It should reflect all of the requirements of proof and an explanation of the plaintiff, as set out in the statement of claim, the trial record. The defenses are fixed in response to the claim, in written and oral explanations. The descriptive part begins, the court found.


In the reasoning of the Court assesses the facts, the arguments of the parties, the law specifies the rules that govern the decision.


The operative part contains information thatSpecifically the court has decided, that is: to collect the money, order to perform certain actions, etc. For each of the plaintiff satisfied the request should indicate it or denied it.. The meaning should be clear, to exclude double interpretation in the performance of the solution. It also indicates the distribution of court costs between the parties, that is, with whom and in what amount charged stamp duty and other costs.


In conclusion - information about the date of entry into force of this Act and the procedure for its appeal.

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