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How to make a corset on hand

How to make a corset on hand

Unusual handmade jewelry can add a note to the original, not only in women but also in men's appearance.

Jewellery for men are more concise and minimalist than jewelry for women, and surely every man would be happy to wear the wide leather bracelet with corset lacing.

You will need

  • - leather
  • - awl
  • - rivet
  • - lace



Prepare a dense and fairly tough skinblack, as well as an awl to make holes, rivets and apparatus for installing them. From strips of leather or suede cut delicate lace.


To start make a pattern on paper -Draw a silhouette of the bracelet, keeping bends to lay evenly bracelet on his arm, as well as a separate cutting small leather box, which will serve as the inside of the clasp.


Pattern fabricate, based on the length of the circumference of the wrist - measure the human wrist, which makes the bracelet centimeter. Pattern, you can adjust the size and attach it to the man's hand.


Attach the pattern to the skin with the help of cuttingpins, and draw around it with chalk, and then gently cut leather bracelet detail. Mark the places on the left and right edge of the bracelet for the holes and then follow these holes with a hole punch on a fabric.


Insert hole grommets or setrivets. To the bracelet could be increased in size, install additional plug leather squares under the main zipper. The eyelets thread the thin leather or suede lace.


Bracelet you can decorate any decorativeelements - painting, burning skin, embroidery, additional decorative rivets, and so on. Be creative and alter the shape and form of a bracelet, so he came not only to men but also the women's hand. Produce a bracelet capable of all - women and children, and men.

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