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How to make a corset on hand

How to make a corset on hand</a>

Unusual handmade ornaments can add an original note not only to the female, but also to the male look.

Jewelry for men is more laconic and minimalistic than jewelry for women, and for sure every man with pleasure will wear a wide leather bracelet corset with lacing.

You will need

  • - leather
  • - awl
  • - rivets
  • - lace



Prepare dense and tough enough skinBlack, and also an awl to make holes, rivets and a device for their installation. From a strip of leather or suede, cut out a thin lace.


First, make a pattern on paper -Draw a silhouette of the bracelet, observing bends, so that the bracelet evenly lies on your hand, and also separately open a small square of skin that will serve as the inside of the fastener.


Pattern based on the length of the wrist - measure the wrist of the person who makes the bracelet, centimeter. Pattern you can fit to fit, attaching it to the person's arm.


Attach the pattern to the skin cut withPins and circle it with chalk, and then gently carve out a piece of bracelet from the skin. Mark the places on the left and right edge of the hole bracelet and then make these holes with a punch through the fabric.


Insert the eyelets into the holes or installRivets. In order for the bracelet to be increased in size, install an additional cap from the skin square under the main buckle. In the eyelets, thread a thin leather or suede lace.


You can decorate the bracelet with any decorativeElements - painting, burning through the skin, embroidery, additional decorative rivets, and so on. Fantasize and modify the shape and appearance of the bracelet so that it does not only fit the male, but also the woman's hand. All women, children, and men are able to make such a bracelet.

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