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How to make a corridor

Miracle, not a corridor

Corridor, along with stairs, hallway and front door is often left unattended designers. And for good reason.

But we want to keep our room and looked flawless transitions.

If you have a desire to do in an apartment redecorated, is sure to start with a corridor.

Especially since he is the first? Abroad? your apartment, through which all guests, without exception.

Here you have adopted a number of useful tips and advice on how to make a beautiful corridor.



If you have a home hang pictures to hang at least a part of them on the wall in the hallway. Make lighting in the form of wall lights. So you'll have a private art gallery. Guests will appreciate.


Paint the walls in the hallway some deepand rich color. This may be the color of an eggplant or tobacco-brown shade. Corridor from this visually is not reduced, as one might think at first. On the contrary, it will look very impressive.


Doors that go into the corridor, you candecorate pictures, applications, and even mosaic. Apart from the purely aesthetic, decorative function, these designs will perform a practical function, signaling unenlightened guest, where some room. In the bathroom you can place the colorful figures of men and / or women on the door in your personal library? saying about the books in Latin, on the door to the nursery? a photo of your child.


Console table semicircular shape perfectly fit into the interior. Being attached to the wall, it will make the linear space of the room is slightly convex.


If the hallway you have a long, you can divide it into two parts by means of curtains. This visually reduce the length of the corridor. Tie beautiful curtain cord, and then attach it to the wall.


Speaking of light: it is recommended to use the corridor is not the ceiling light in the form of chandeliers on the ceiling and wall lights. Hang on a wall a few lamps with an open metal frame and clear glass, which will cast an unusual pattern on the ceiling and walls.

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