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How to make an agreement with the customer


How to make an agreement with the customer</a>

Civil legislation guarantees participants freedom of contract. According to this principle, it is possible to conclude an agreement with the customer on the performance of any kind of services.

The main thing is that the terms of the contract do not contradict the current laws.



As a general rule, an order is issued by a conclusionContract for the provision of services. Under such a contract is understood the agreement between the customer and the executor, according to which the latter must perform a certain task (services), and the customer undertakes to pay them.


Any civil law contract will not haveLegal force, unless the parties have agreed upon its essential conditions. Such condition in our case will be its subject. Without its coordination the contract is invalid, i.е. Does not entail any legal consequences for the parties. The subject of an agreement on rendering may be either the commission of certain actions (or activities) or the provision of a certain type of assistance. It can be any information, consulting, auditing and other types of services.


Equally important in such transactions areQuestions of payment (the order and the sizes of payments), terms of execution of the order, the form of reports on the made works, etc. In order to avoid any controversial situations that may arise between the parties in the future, it is desirable to write down everything that is necessary in the contract as precisely as possible.


We can not ignore the issues of responsibility,Connected with the violation of the contract. They are regulated by articles of the Civil Code, which regulate the responsibility of the parties under the contract of work. The customer must pay for the services that were performed within the framework of the contract. In the event that the contractor can not perform the task of the customer through his fault, he must make the agreed payment in full (unless otherwise provided by the contract). The customer, having paid to the executor all expenses incurred by him, can refuse from the execution of the & nbsp-contract at any time. Subject to compensation for the losses of the customer, the contractor may also refuse to perform the contract.


After carrying out the approval procedure, allNecessary conditions you can safely conclude a contract. It must be drafted in writing in two copies (a single document signed by both parties). In the event that one of the parties to the contract is a legal entity (represented by its head), he, in addition to the signatures of participants, must be sealed and sealed by this organization.

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