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How to make a car purchase agreement


How to make a car purchase agreement</a>

Relationships for the sale and purchase of trucks and cars are regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

To these contracts general provisions on purchase and sale are applied.

The law clearly does not specify the form of the contract of sale of the car and the standard content can be changed at the discretion of the parties.

In practice, there were various options for drafting such a treaty.



Usually, civil law contracts consist ofThe following sections: "preamble", where the name (seller, buyer) and the requisites of the parties (name, name of organization, address, etc.) are indicated - "subject of the contract" - the nature of the relations connecting the parties to the contract, that is, the sale and purchase Specific vehicle (indicating the identifying data of the machine). Then there are the sections: "Rights and obligations of the parties", "Responsibility of the parties for improper performance of obligations", "Settlement procedure", "Props of the parties" & nbsp-etc.


You can make a contract differently. In the middle of the line you write the name of the document: "Contract of sale of the vehicle No. ...". On the next line, put the date and place of the contract.


Next is the main text. & Nbsp -In paragraph 1, indicate: "we, the undersigned seller: name, birth date, passport series ... number ..., address ... and buyer: (provide similar data), have concluded this car purchase agreement (here, please state the following data on the subject Of the contract: identification number No. ..., stamp, body color, year of manufacture, vehicle passport, vehicle type and category, model, engine, registration plate (transit), vehicle value ").


In fulfillment of the requirements of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation,The buyer is not burdened with the rights of third parties of the goods, in the second paragraph of the contract, note: "before the present contract is concluded, the vehicle is not put to anyone, not sold, under arrest does not consist".
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A mark of acquaintance of the buyer with the technicalState the car in paragraph 3: "the buyer is familiar with the technical condition of the vehicle and has no complaints". Below the main text place the signatures: your and the buyer.
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