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How to draw up a contract


How to draw up a contract-agreement</a>

Correctly executed contract, protect the interests of each side, relieve of unforeseen situations and financial losses.

It should be drafted so that not only the parties to the treaty, but also the controlling bodies, could find answers to the questions of interest in the text.



Define the purpose of the agreement. In other words, you must clearly understand what you want to achieve as a result of the conclusion of the contract. Outline on paper the project of the intended result: who, what should do, when, how and so on. That is, a contract is an agreement of two or more parties on the performance of any actions at a certain time.


Try to make a contract-agreement step by step, predicting possible changes in the situation at each stage: "And suddenly something will go wrong, what will each side do in that case?"


Most clearly imagine the responsibility of the parties and the resolution of contentious issues under the contract.


Make sure that the person signing the agreement agreement has the right to do this (he has the authority, power of attorney).


Observe the generally accepted structure of the contract:
- preamble, which indicates: the full name of each party, concluding the contract, the representatives of the parties, as well as the grounds for their authority to sign the agreement-

- the subject of the agreement: as agreed by the parties-

- the conditions for the performance of the subject of the contract by each party (there may be several of them)

- rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties-

- requisites of the parties.


The most specific should be definedThe essential terms of the contract: the subject matter of the contract, the terms of execution in accordance with the type of contract, the terms of execution and other conditions, as a result of which the contract can be considered achieved.


It is necessary to draw up a treaty-agreement in such a way that the text is easy to read, differed in logic, brevity, clarity. It is important to avoid ambiguous words, ambiguous wording.


If you use a standard agreement agreement, be sure to edit it, carefully reading each phrase. Any inaccuracy threatens the contract to become invalid.

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