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How to make a contract

How to draw up a contract of agreement

Properly designed treaty will protect the interests of each side, deliver us from unforeseen situations and financial losses.

It must be drafted in such a way that not only the parties to the treaty, but also regulatory authorities, could find in the text of the answers to your questions.



Determine the purpose of the agreement. In other words, you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve as a result of the contract. Set out on a paper project intended result: someone has to do, when, how, and so on. That is an agreement - an agreement of two or more parties on the implementation of any action at a certain date.


Try to draw up a contract of agreement in stages, predicting possible changes in the situation at each stage: What if something goes wrong, which in this case will make each side ??.


Most clearly imagine the responsibility of the parties and the settlement of disputes under the agreement.


Make sure that the person signing the contract, the agreement has the right (it has the authority, the power of attorney).


Comply with the general structure of the contract:
- Preamble, which shall include: the full name of each of the parties entering into contractual representatives of the parties and the grounds of their authority to sign soglasheniya-

- Subject of the contract: as agreed hand-

- Conditions for the implementation of each party to the contract subject (there may be several) -

- Rights, obligations and responsibilities of supporters

- Details of the parties.


Most particularly it should be determinedessential terms: the subject of the contract, conditions of performance in accordance with the type of contract, deadlines and other conditions, which resulted in the agreement can be considered achieved.


It is necessary to draw up a contract of agreement so that the text is easy to read, different logical brevity, clarity. It is important to avoid ambiguous words, ambiguous language.


If you use a standard contract, agreement, be sure to edit it carefully vchityvayas in every sentence. Any deficiency threatens the contract to become invalid.

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