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How to make a collection of songs

How to make a collection of songs

If you like good music and want to create your own CD of your favorite tunes, boldly reaches out.

This process is simple and, to some extent, even fascinating, because in this case you can make their own, unique, disk.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Music files-
  • - Nero software.



To create your own disc must be appliedand a minimum of effort to master the Nero program intended for processing and recording images, video and audio. You will need to run Nero Express application.


Pre-Select and compose all the music files that you want to use to burn the disc.


Start Nero program. Then, locate and open the "Sound" section in the main window, it is designated an icon depicting a note. Select the options spicke first item "To make the audio-CD» and start Nero Express application. This will open the project "My Audio-CD». Click "Add" button and open the folder containing the music files in the right side of the working window. Using the Ctrl button select the audio tracks for recording, and click "Add" send them to the project.


The time scale is displayed duration of the music, so make sure that all your files fit on the disc.


The list of tunes select audio track, and thenyou will be available the option "Delete", "Play", "Properties". Open the "Properties" and apply the settings tracks, filters, lists properties of the tracks, including titles, actors, length of the pause between tracks. After completing all the necessary settings, click "OK" and go to the main menu. Here you can make additional changes to the project such as the normalization of audio files, disabling the pauses between tracks for release on CD-disk space. To enable these options, check the boxes corresponding to the items in the bottom right corner.


After all the changes have been made,Click "Next" button and go to the next page - the recording of the disc. Here, in the fields select the current recorder, enter the name of the drive, the disc title, artist name. Specify the number of copies of the disc. Tick ​​check "Verify data after burning to disc."


Insert a blank disc into the drive and click "Burn."


After recording the disc with Nero that same program, if you wish, make the cover of the disc, and boxing.

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