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How to make a collage of photos


How to make a collage of photos</a>

When creating a collage, you need to think about the subject beforehand, in accordance with which you will then select the pictures.

It can be anything: an exciting trip, vacation with friends, pets or photos of your children.

You will need

  • - Photo-
  • - clippings from newspapers and magazines-
  • - postcards-
  • - Whatman-
  • - a simple pencil-
  • - adhesive pencil-
  • - scissors.



Do not be afraid to fantasize, to createThe most effective collage needs a creative approach. You can create a different composition, which will include photos that remind you of important events in your life or just cheering you up. Photos can be combined with various pictures, clippings from newspapers and magazines or even with postcards.


Think of a shape for the future collage, that isThe order in which your photos and pictures will be placed on paper. For example, if your theme is a journey, you can arrange photos in such a way that they resemble the shape of the continent or the country you visited. If the collage is supposed to be presented to a loved one, then it can be decorated in the form of a heart. Are your pictures dedicated to pets? Arrange the photos so that from a distance they resemble the silhouette of a cat or other animal. Consider that any unconventional form for a collage will make your work unique, expressive and really interesting for the viewer.


After you have considered all the details, you canget to work. Take a sheet of Whatman and a simple pencil. Try to designate the shape of the future collage on paper. This can be difficult, it is necessary to achieve such contours that would suit you. The fact is that in the process of attaching photos it will be already difficult to fix anything.


Before you paste the pictures, lay them outPaper as they should be located in the finished work. Step away from the collage for a couple of meters, critically examine its shape and the order of the location of the pictures, if necessary, correct the identified shortcomings. Only after that, take an adhesive pencil and start sticking the pictures.


Take one photo, gently stickingHer on the right place, try not to move the other components of the collage. After all the photos are glued, if necessary, apply additional strokes, for example, decorate photo frames with markers or markers, make inscriptions if you need it. The main thing is not to overdo it, because for any collage only two elements are important - the form and the photos themselves, try not to distract the viewer's attention from them.

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