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clothespin tips

It's great when there are good helpers who are always prompt and remind you of what needs to be done, and even - where and what is. Or just make smile.

These advisers may be gay men, made from ordinary clothespins, with plates, tips and reminders.

In a fun playful way they teach children to be disciplined and keep up with everything.

You will need

  • - Wooden clothespins
  • - Acrylic paint or gouache
  • - PVA glue
  • - Color paper



Mix acrylic paints or gouache with PVA glue. To paint does not stain, apply PVA glue after paint has dried.


Next - space for your imagination. Put clothespins in blouses, and dresses bluzochki of colored paper. Draw a cute smiling face.


Get the men adorn carvedcolored paper hairpieces, hats or bows. Each clothespin affix a sign with the text of your choice: "Do not forget!", "Made with love", "Good Morning", "Turn off the light", "brush your teeth", "Do the lessons."

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