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How to make a reverse clock


How to make a reverse clock</a>

Clock with a reverse, which is sometimes incorrectly called a watch from the movie "The Matrix", are several times more expensive than regular wall clocks of the same class.

If this does not suit you, make such a clock yourself out of the ordinary.



Do not believe those who advise you simplyTurn the battery in normal hours. This is not a collector motor, but an electronic device. Rotate in the opposite direction from the reversal of the polarity mechanism of the clock will not, and the electronic part may even break down.


Disassemble the clock. Remove the battery, remove the glass, arrows and mechanism. Gently unfold the dial.


Scan the dial. Make a mirror image in any graphics editor. Print the result in the same scale. If desired, before or after printing (in the second case - manually), add to the image on the dial any futuristic drawing (for example, a robot, a punched tape, a spaceship).


Cut out a new mirror dial from the printout. Glue it to the old place. Do not need a hole in it.


Cut from the plexiglass three identical plates of the same size and shape as the original glass of the watch.


In the center of one of the plates, make a hole forMechanism and secure it. As this plate will be directed by the mechanism to the viewer (it is necessary that the arrows rotate in the opposite direction), if necessary, slightly extend them. Put the arrows on yourself so that they are all pointed straight up.


Close the dial with one of the plexiglass sheets,So that it does not get dirty. Next, install a sheet on which the mechanism is fixed, unfolding it with a mechanism to the viewer. Finally, install the last sheet that will close the mechanism. So that it was not visible, and only the arrows were visible, glue a small opaque circle in the center of this sheet. To ensure that there are gaps between the sheets necessary to rotate the arrows, position the mechanism and rotate the time setting knob, use hollow racks made, say, from old felt-tip pens. Make the design collapsible so that you can change the battery and set the time.


Put the battery back in the clock, put time on them and hang them on the wall.

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