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How to make cleaning and get rid of the dust

How to do the cleaning and get rid of the dust

Every housewife knows how difficult it is to fight with the dust in the apartment. Sometimes the question arises: "How do the cleaning properly?".

Where to start and how to finish cleaning, help advice and tips in this article.

You will need

  • - Table acetic
  • - Cloth material-
  • - Rag to pola-
  • - a vacuum cleaner-
  • - Water.



To begin cleaning carpets should be a knock-out (ifany), hanging on a balcony or a takeaway in the corridor. The first step is to vacuum the room, pre sprinkle floor with water to avoid dust rose.

Carpet and Flooring


Washing glass surfaces and mirrors.
Wash windows and mirrors should be fluid,which include ammonia. For washing windows suitable water with the addition of methylene blue. Sand the surface of the glass must either paper towels or cloth of suede.



Wiping surfaces - wet cleaning.
For each room to be taken from a separate tank with water. In the water you need to add 1 tablespoon of vinegar per 5 liters of clean water. This will help remove dust and increase the time of its occurrence.
Napkins from the mother to gently wipe the surface, not to leave dust particles. It should be as often as possible to rinse cloth.

Wet cleaning


Wash floors.
For any kind of floor is suitable, the solution consistingof pure water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. All diluted in five liters of warm water. Cloth for washing floors should be soft, easily absorbed and well collects dirt.
Floors should be washed twice. The first time is the dissolution of dirt, for the second time is a collection of residues and polishing.
should take cool water for parquet floors. For everyone else, need warm water.
Wash floors should be carried out manually as mop mud Mono will only pull apart at the corners.


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