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How to make a claim on the quality of the goods

How to make a claim on the quality of the goods

Today, there are cases when the consumeracquires products from the catalog, and a week later he was torn, broken or out of order because of the factory marriage. In this case, the consumer is entitled to reimbursement of the cost of goods.

To do this, he needs to make a claim on the quality of the goods.

You will need

  • - Goods for which there are quality claims
  • - Documents confirming the purchase of this product
  • - paper
  • - a pen



Arrange the "cap" of the document.In the upper right corner of an A4 sheet written "cap" - someone (for example, the general director or manager shop), where (store name), from whom (name, address and telephone number of the originator claims).


Write the name dokumenta.Dalee in the middle of the sheet indicates the document name with a capital letter, without putting the point - "Claim" or "Statement".


Write your claim.As a rule, the claim begins with the story of what was purchased, how many and at what price. For example, June 15, 2011 I bought the store, "Electro" phone worth 15320 rubles. Next, you need to describe the problem or other reason for complaint. For example, after 10 days of its operation, the phone stopped receiving incoming calls. After that, the user should refer to the legislation and to express the essence of their claims. For example, under article 29 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", I have the opportunity to return a faulty item within 14 days. And at the end of the text claims should definitely point out the further actions and intentions of consumers. For example, if you do not return me the full cost of the phone and will not change it for a similar defective unit, I will have to go to court to recover the cost of the phone to store and moral damages.


Put podpis.Zakonchit claim, as well as other official documents must be signed and dated.


List the required applications.The last line in the claims must be listed applications - or copies of the trademark in the presence of cash receipt, warranty card and other documents confirming the fault. These documents should be enclosed in the same letter to the company.

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