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How to make a circle

How to make a circle

Circle - a geometric figure that has a center and a radius.

radius of the circle is called the distance from the center to any point of the circle, and the circle is called its boundary.

You will need

  • Compass, ruler, sheet of paper, scissors.



Pick up a compass and a ruler. Extend the leg of a compass over a distance equal to the radius of the required circle. This distance can be easily obtained with a ruler.


Lay out a piece of paper. Pick up a pair of compasses and slide one of the legs of a compass (the one in which the needle) in a sheet. This point will be the center of your circle. Then gently, without taking his compass from the sheet by turning it, draw a circle. You should have a circle of radius, which you have measured with a ruler.


Pick up a piece of paper with the drawn circle and scissors, and carefully cuts out on the drawn line circle.

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