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How to make a circle


How to make a circle</a>

A circle is a geometric figure that has a center and radius.

The radius of the circle is the distance from its center to any point of the circle, and the circle is called its boundary.

You will need

  • Compasses, ruler, piece of paper, scissors.



Pick up a pair of compasses and a ruler. Extend the leg of a compass over a distance equal to the radius of the required circle. This distance can be easily obtained using a ruler.


Put a sheet of paper in front of you. Pick up the compasses and insert one of the legs of the compass (the one in which the needle is) into the sheet. This point will be the center of your circle. Then gently, without lifting the compass from the sheet, rotating it, draw a circle. You should get a circle, the radius that you measured with the ruler.


Take a sheet of paper with a drawn circle and scissors, and carefully cut a circle along the drawn line.

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