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How to make a Christmas tree out of branches

How to make a Christmas tree out of branches

New Year - one of the most beloved and long-awaitedpopularly holidays. Every time waiting for the battle chimes almost every inhabitant of the planet Earth and make a wish in my heart hopes that it will come true.

In addition, with the celebration of this event is connected weight of tradition.

First place in the ranking is the decoration wood beauty.



If you are celebrating a holiday away from home or the scale of the apartment does not allow to set the entire tree, and put artificial Christmas tree do not want to, there are several ways outposition. Go into the forest and collect some beautiful fir twigs. When I got home, put in a vase and decorate the branches with small balls and tinsel. You get a New Year tree in miniature. In addition, branches will exude a pleasant smell, which spread throughout the apartment. And when you select this option after the harvest festival will be much less.


If you are still attracted to the version tree,it can be done and out of the branches. In this case, type the more twigs of varying lengths. Tie all the branches like a broom. Pick a flower pot and secure it in the resulting design. Next, decorate the tree according to your taste.


The best option (if you want to not botherthemselves) - buy already collected from the Christmas tree branches. Recently, before the New Year can often be seen at the Christmas markets. Option is good for the fact that these trees are created by skillful hands, and the design does not let you down at the worst possible moment. Usually the height is around 50 to 60 cm. Stand, skillfully carved from wood, fur-tree gives stability and a finished look, and do branch chosen with taste. Price also pleasantly surprised - it is much lower than in the whole tree.

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