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How to make a cement screed?

Cement strainer

Catching repair homes, many owners of suburban real estate are faced with the problem of how to perform a cement screed.

It is needed in different areas, not only residential, but also in finishing outbuildings.

Before making the cement screed will first needto prepare a floor, in particular, expanded metal mesh for reinforcing and beacons installed on level. Only then can you make pouring concrete surface.
When installed on lighthouses made completely fill, you can start leveling screeds a special tool, which is called "rule".

How to make a tie

In principle, the screed must be performed fully all at once. Otherwise, be sure the joints are formed after drying crack.
Therefore it is very important to commensurate the available financial and physical resources to the area carried out by the screed. Although flooded simultaneously on the entire area of ​​the screed also tends to crack.
To avoid this phenomenon follows the setting of the concrete mixture, the resulting screed pour water, then cover her film.

To prevent overheating of the screed in the sun, be sure to cover it.

Watering concrete floor is desirable formonths. In addition, if the metal used for beacons - preferably after concrete curing them to pull and then to close up the groove formed in exactly the same concrete. If this is not done, there is a risk of formation of cracks along the lighthouse.

cement surface

Also there is another useful tip - use a tie with cement mortar coating.
When prepared correctly, and such a solutionput it on the tie - it will get quite a durable surface, but it is very important to do the job properly, because otherwise there will be delamination of cement.
By the number of layers of concrete screed byvaetodnosloynayaand a multilayer consisting of layers of clean and rough. The rough layer is used to provide secure connections slabs, and in the process of finishing work on such surfaces make finishing, perfectly flat screed.
By the method of connection to the foundation screed canbe solid when it adheres firmly to the bottom covering layer, as well as "floating". In the latter case it is not bound to the walls or the ceiling.

"Floating" option is selected ties when used in the construction of the installation of waterproofing film, sound and heat insulation.

So, knowing all the details of implementation of the technology of the cement screed, you can achieve the ideal of its implementation.

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