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How to make the ceiling yourself


How to make the ceiling yourself</a>

After you have decided to make repairs,It is necessary to decide what the ceiling will be. Nowadays, there are many varieties of ceilings, from economy-class options to extraordinary, luxurious ceilings.

It all depends on your financial well-being and desire, the choice is yours.



Suspended and false ceilings will embody any yourFantasy in life. They are suspended on the frame previously affixed to the walls and ceiling. In such designs, plasterboard and metal lath ceilings are often found. But like all ceilings, there are also drawbacks. Decoration on this ceiling should be updated periodically. Also, the assembly and frame works reduce the height of the room. From the financial side, you will also suffer damage, because independently, without the help of a master, you will not be able to translate your idea into reality.


Acoustic ceiling. It is called so because it is noise-proof. Such ceiling It is used in swimming pools, concert halls andRecording studios. Ceiling will be indispensable in rooms with high humidity and in rooms, the decoration of which requires original solutions, thanks to the huge variety of options and high moisture resistance.


Stretch ceiling. They differ from the suspended ceilings not only by the material, but also by the fixing method. The material is vinyl and polyester fiber. Such ceilings are installed on the baguettes attached around the perimeter of the room. When you use a vinyl tape, you have all the possibilities. In stretch ceilings, you can hide both the unevenness of the ceiling base, and the cables of telecommunications, electrical wires and ventilation pipes. In this case, suspended ceilings take away only 5 centimeters of the height of the room. The vinyl sheet is antistatic, and therefore the dust does not stick to it. A huge plus is that the tension ceiling Very elastic, and if the neighbors have flooded you, it will only stretch under the weight of water, protecting your room.

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