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How to make a ceiling with neon lights


How to make a ceiling with neon lights</a>

The simplest kind of decorative lighting ceilings is the illumination from under the polystyrene cornice.

This cornice can be purchased at retail outlets or glued independently from several polystyrene cornices of suitable profiles.



Neon lamps have great similarities withFluorescent lamps. Glow in them occurs in the gas medium, which is filled with a lamp. In order for the gas to begin to glow, it is necessary to supply a short and powerful pulse of electric current. This impulse comes from magnetic starters and from current converters.


Approximately every seven meters of lighting fixturesAt least one current converter must be installed. It is recommended to install it in the middle of this garland of lamps. It is also possible to fasten the current converter to the end of the string of neon tubes. In this case, you can increase the length of the thread.


Further it is necessary to understand, in what place underCornice to install the current converters. If you want to make the backlight under polystyrene cornices, then install the converter best in the niche of the wall. This means that before installing the cornices it is necessary to pierce the niches in the walls and apply tension there.


Under the standard converter will be enoughNiches depth of 50 millimeters. The width should be not less than 200 millimeters, and the height - 70 millimeters. Neon tubes consume a relatively small amount of electricity, so do not necessarily feed them with powerful cables. For example, a copper cable, which has a cross-section of 2? 0.75? Nbsp-mm ?, can well withstand the load created by 50 meters of tubes.


Mount the polystyrene cornices under the backlightCan be the same as ordinary cornices, but with slight changes. The cornice under the light is large, so it can only be attached to the walls. In addition, behind it will be a system of neon tubes, which sometimes have to be serviced. The cornice will have a decent weight. The second side, which is not glued to the ceiling, will pull and turn the cornice.

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