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How to make the ceiling with neon lights

How to make the ceiling with neon lights

The simplest kind of decorative lighting ceiling lighting is out of polystyrene cornice.

This ledge can be purchased at retail outlets or glue yourself of several polystyrene moldings suitable profiles.



Neon lights are great similarities tofluorescent light. Glow in them takes place in a gaseous medium, which is filled with light. To gas began glow reasons require a short and intense pulse of electric current. This impulse comes from the magnetic contactors and the current transducers.


Approximately every seven meters fixturesyou must install at least one converter. Installing it is recommended in the middle of the garland of lamps. You can also fix the end of the current transducer thread neon tubes. Thus it is possible to increase the length of the thread.


Next, you need to figure out where in the undercornice to perform the installation of current transformers. If you want to highlight a polystyrene cornices, then install the converter is best in a wall recess. This means that penetrate niche and submit to the voltage before installation of eaves it is necessary in the walls.


Under the standard conversion will be enoughNiche depth of 50 millimeters. The width should be at least 200 mm, and height - 70 mm. Neon tubes consume a relatively small amount of power, so it is not necessary to supply the powerful of their cables. For instance, copper cable, which has a cross-section of 2? 0,75 & nbsp-mm ?, can well withstand the load of the 50 meters of tubing.


Attach polystyrene moldings under the backlightIt can be the same as conventional moldings, but with slight modifications. At the eaves under the illumination of large size, so it can only strengthen the walls. Moreover, it will be for the system of neon tubes, which sometimes have to maintain. Cornice will have a decent weight. The second side of it, which is not glued to the ceiling, will pull and turn out the ledge.

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