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How to make a ceiling in the apartment

How to make a ceiling in apartment

To repair the ceiling of the apartment - not an easy task. Decide on a ceiling covering also not so easy, because you want to the ceiling and looked nice, and served to you as long as possible.

And to cap you like yourself, you should determine the order of what you'll be doing it.



Wallpaper. The method of this method is bonding the coating to the base of the ceiling with a special glue. The service life of such a ceiling of 5-10 years old, if you are, of course, do not flood the neighbors above. Alas, wallpaper unstable to moisture. Less ceiling wallpaper: when gluing them back to back does not create a complete blade that visually spoils the appearance. Plus ceiling wallpaper: from a financial point of view, it is the most economical way to repair the ceiling. In addition, you do not have to resort to the services of specialists, as the ceiling wallpaper paste for you will not be difficult.


Suspension ceiling. The modern way to repair the ceiling is capable of a variety of different finishes: a multi-level, the effect of a starry sky, different textures and colors. Comprising a ceiling of metal structures and various boards andpanels. Less ceiling: due to the special technology of collecting this type of ceiling coatings you can not install it yourself, without the help of professionals. Plus ceiling: due to the distance between the ceiling and canopy, you can easily hide different kinds of wires. It looks so ceiling fashionable and extremely beautiful.


tension ceiling. Unlike other types of ceiling coverings, tension ceiling It consists of a special frame and aholistic web. You will not have seen not a single seam, when installing such a coating is not necessary to remove the furniture from the room. Installation is quick and is a ceiling a very long time. Less tension fabric: in addition to the cost of materials, it is necessary to take into account the work of the master, so as to establish this ceiling cover yourself you are unlikely to succeed. Plus the stretch ceiling: it is humidity resistant, antistatic and perfectly conceals irregularities of your ceiling, if any. It looks nice and reliable.

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