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How to make a ceiling made of acrylic

Acrylic ceiling

Modern ceiling design can visually expand the volume of the room.

Starry sky above your head or crown of trees sprouting sunlight - such opportunity presents acrylic ceiling.

In recent years, acrylic ceilings are increasingly gaining popularity. This is not surprising, after all this contribute to their specifications.
In addition to the functional significance of these constructionsPlexiglas and have aesthetic value. They look great (imagine, over the head of a beautiful morning rose), suitable for interior decoration, not only in the bedroom or hallway, and bathroom.

Easy installation of the ceiling allows you to perform it yourself.

Suspended ceiling acrylic sold in storescomplete. This is very convenient when the pattern on the glass surface should be joined harmoniously when installing the fragments to obtain the drawing stage. Acrylic simply combined with other materials of the interior space. This option ceilings device is unique because of the use of a combination of different shades of color, giving the room a special uniqueness.

Special features

The method of assembling the frame for installation of suchceiling does not differ from the installation of other types of suspended models, especially since the kit is always supplied instructions, resolve the question phased assembly. However, on a couple of points worth focus.
Before you begin to create the ceiling ofacrylic, you must first do the mounting layout. After that you need to drill holes for the output fiber. Next, using the screws should be fixed suspensions.

frame assembly

The next step in the task to buildprofile frame. To do so, fix the profiles with hangers. The work is similar to a typical installation of suspended ceilings. By the way, the distance to leave between the ceiling and acrylic sheets should not be less than three centimeters.

At this stage, mounted and wiring, conclusions where the projector is installed.

Then proceed to the consolidation of the sheet material, which will be the basis for the future of the acrylic ceiling.
Next, you need to drill into the sheet requirednumber of openings for fiber filaments - diameter of no more than two millimeters. Rationally do sixty to eighty holes in square meters of the web. These holes are pasted optical fibers. Further, the opposite ends of the optical fiber to collect the so-called optical port to be connected directly to the projector.

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