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How to make a cat a passport


How to make a cat a passport</a>

Your pet should have a veterinary passport.

This is necessary in order to enter all the data on the animal, information about vaccinations, the transferred diseases or about preventive measures.

Based on this information, it will be easier for the veterinarian to decide on the treatment or vaccination of the cat.



International Veterinary passport An animal is done in any vet clinic. It allows your pet not only to travel around the country, but also to travel abroad on any type of transport. Therefore, to receive such a document, you need to contact a similar institution.

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AT passportE indicate the data of the owner of the animal: name, surname, place of residence, telephone. This information is necessary for the control and accounting of domestic animals living in a particular locality.

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also in passportE cats indicate all the data on the animal: Nickname, sex, date of birth, breed, color, special signs. This information is necessary to establish the owner of the cat in disputable cases. For example, if your pet disappeared and fell into the hands of strangers, only based on the data of veterinary passportAnd you can prove that this cat is really yours.

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In addition to passportCan be implanted in the paw of an animalElectronic chip with information. Such a chip will help find the owner if the cat is lost. After all, electronic information can easily identify both the cat and its owner.

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When designing passportAnd must necessarily be stamped with a licensed veterinary blade and a veterinarian's signature. Without these data, the document is invalid.

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AT passportDo not specify all vaccines that have been madeAnimal: against rabies, panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calcivicosis. If a cat lives outside the city or leaves in the summer to give, it is necessary to inoculate against lichen. Vaccination is planned: once a year. AT passport A label from the vaccine is pasted in, the dateAnd put a doctor's signature. Without such vaccinations, the animal can not travel by public transport (by train or plane) and travel abroad. The trip can take place not earlier than 21 days after the vaccination. If the cat in the hospital was treated for fleas or ticks, then in thepassportAlso an entry is made.

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