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How to make a case for dolls

How to make a case for dolls

When a favorite doll little daughter accumulates a large amount of clothing, then it's time to buy an original safe-it is not like everyone else.

Quite a bit of improvised office supplies - and a wardrobe for dolls can make their own hands.

You will need

  • A box of a shoe with a lid, scissors orblade, pencil, ruler, paper glue, colored paper, or paper for wrapping gifts, adhesive tape, wooden stick, metal accessories for pens, foil



This cabinet is suitable for the small things of dolls, such as Barbie. If you need more closet for dolls, pick up a box of larger size. Fittings to the big box, respectively, will take longer.


Cut the box folds, which run across the widthcover blade or scissors. Cut the lid of the box in half lengthwise, advance drew a pencil line on it. You have now made the future cabinet doors puppet.


Okleyte colored paper or film with an adhesivethe reverse side of the door that had just produced. On one door stick foil, which will serve as a mirror in the closet. The foil should be ironed with a dry cloth to keep it frowned.


From the outside the main box pasteready to bend the door to free one of the parties. The box also need to paste any material that you like. Shiny materials for pasting look spectacular.


Now equip the interior of the cabinet. To make the shelf hanger, carefully perform a round hole on both sides in a case. Grease the ends of a wooden stick with glue and insert it into the hole. Also make a hole in the middle of the locker door and insert the metal accessories. It will be on the door handle.


If necessary cabinet with his other handadditional shelf for small things dolls such shelves can be made of matchboxes. Matchbox okleyte shiny paper and "planted" in a locker on the glue. "Shelves" in boxes should be easy to be put forward to the hostess doll could put to a variety of gizmos.

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