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How to make a carnival mask of cardboard


How to make a carnival mask of cardboard</a>

Attach a very little effort to look on the masquerade mysteriously and mysteriously. In this you will help such a smart mask.

Let your friends guess who is hiding under it.

You will need

  • - cardboard
  • Fabric and organza
  • - 50 beads
  • - needle with thread
  • - braid with paillettes
  • - 40 pins
  • - 10 carnations
  • - 10 rings
  • - pliers
  • - round pliers



From the cardboard, cut out the mock-up of the mask. Sew cloth on it. Decorate the edges with an organza. Cut a long piece of organza, twice as long as the edges of the mask. Fold it twice, around the edge, sweep it with a thread and pick it up. On the cardboard, put the cloth and put the organza between the fabric and cardboard, and then sew. On the seam, sew a braid over the seam. Gently glue the shiny sequins around the eye hole. At the center of the mask, just above the eyes, glue a large gold bead.


Four green beads must be strung onJewelry pins, and one - on the carnations. Cut the pins so that a tip of eight mm long remains. Wrap each tip of the pins with round-nosed pliers to form a loop. Connect all the beads in a chain. To do this, open the eye of one bead and hook it behind the eye of another bead.


Make six more chains of red beads andFive - from green. Attach a ring to the ear of the extreme bead on each chain with tools. On each side, sew two ribbons, these will be zavyazochki. From the wrong side to the bottom edge of the mask, with rings, attach 6 chains of beads on each side, alternating the green chain with the red.

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