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How to make a candlestick of felt with their hands

How to make a candle holder made of felt with their hands

Agree that a romantic dinner by candlelight - it's great! But what's the romance, if it's not executed, as follows?

I'm getting to the fact that each item must carry a beauty.

For example, conventional candles decorate the original candle holder made of felt.

And I propose to do this by an element of decor.

You will need

  • - glass jar-
  • - Thin fetr-
  • - Tea svecha-
  • - Decorative shnur-
  • - hole puncher-
  • - igolka-
  • - Thread.



Started manufacturing candlestick. The first step is to cut out of felt two parts: a circle and a rectangle. The diameter should be equal to the first 6.5 centimeters, and the second is the size of 10h30 cm. A cut rectangle to be folded so as to form a ring, and then stitch on the sewing machine. The resulting element is necessary to pull the stitches so that its diameter becomes equal to the size of the first part, that is a circle. Do not forget to tie retreat 0.5 centimeters from the edge of the ring.


Then you must turn linked rectangleinside out and attach it to the circle. Details stitch so as to form a small pouch. After sewing, turn out to be the product obtained on the front side.


Then take a glass jar of suitable size and insert it into the formed pouch. Now, with the thread to do tucks on the future of the candlestick.


After tucks are ready, you need to pull out a glass jar, then use the hole punch to make holes around the candlestick. Thus, it will transmit light.


Upon completion of the perforations must be reinserted in the bank bag, put it in a tea candle and crafts decorate decorative lace. Candlestick made of felt with their hands ready!

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