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How to make a candlestick in the old circle

How to make a candle in the old circle

You want to create romance in nature?

But there is nothing at hand.

Of the old bowls and candles can create a unique design accessory that will delight you and your companions on a cold evening.

You will need

  • - Old hiking kruzhka-
  • - Podsvechnik-
  • - Blue acrylic kraska-
  • - Matches (Toothpick) -
  • - White acrylic kraska-
  • - Transparent nail fastening.



Take the cup, wash and clean. Thoroughly dry. Cover the blue paint. Leave to dry for 2-3 days.


With a match or toothpick, apply a small white or yellow dots - it will be the star. Thoroughly dry.


Cover your product with transparent varnish. Inside insert a candle. Done! Enjoy a wonderful romantic mood, while the smoldering wick of a candle.

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