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How to make a cake out of diapers

How to make a diaper cake

The most necessary thing for the baby diapers are. They greatly facilitate the life of new parents.

But to give a pack of newborn diapers - a bit corny. Garnish with a stack of festive bow - is not a suitable option.

Check out these diapers can be in the form of a cake.

The gift will be original, beautiful and very useful.

You will need

  • - Diapers 40 pcs
  • - Cardboard / thick paper for the base
  • - Clerical gum
  • - clothespins
  • - applique
  • - Bows and ribbons
  • - bottle
  • - a toy
  • - socks
  • - Double-sided tape
  • - wrapping paper
  • - scissors



The work begins with the basics of cake. From cardboard cut out a circle and obkleevaetsya beautiful white paper. You can use double-sided tape. To obtain a finer base and openwork carved circle larger diameter and it is cut out pattern, like a snowflake. The big circle is attached under a small, as shown in the figure.


All diapers are rolled into a tube and fixed pegs. Pins are only necessary at the time to be able to assemble the cake tiers.


At the heart of the center is put feeding bottle and around the exposed diapers. They are fixed by means of elastic bands. After that you can remove the clothespins.


In the same way is another level or two of diapers.


When tiers are ready, proceed to the decorationcake. Each tier is necessary to tie a ribbon. It will cover the rubber band so that it could not be seen. For the cake added application, toy and socks as a decoration. Adding ribbons or flowers made of fabric.


Cake should be packed in transparent paper and tie it a festive bow.

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