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HOW do for the hamster cage with his hands

How to make a hamster cage with his hands

You have got a small hamster, but do not know where it is to contain. Previously, many owners of hamsters lived in the cells for parrots or liter jars.

Since the cell search specifically for hamster was not possible.

Now you can buy at any pet store, but you can do it yourself.



To begin, decide where you want to put the cage. It can not be put in places where smoke and draft. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and humidity. It is also not recommended accommodation on the floor, window sill, near an air conditioner. Hamsters and so on average live depending on conditions and feeding of 1.5 - 3.5 s. So that your little one has lived as long as possible, follow the recommendations.

how to make a cage for hamster


The best option would be to make the cage made of wood. To do this you need a multi-layer plywood and wooden dosochki about 12-15 mm. The size should not be smaller than 40x50 cm, the minimum height of 50 cm. - Than spacious, the easier it will be a hamster. Sex for the cells to be plastic. You can make it so that he was nominated. So you prefer him to be clean.
Metal rods must not be thin, anddistance between them should not exceed 5-10 mm so the hamster can not get them to cut or climb between them. The door should be set so that you feel comfortable to put food inside the cage clean and simply reach into the cage. Please note that your pet could not open it yourself. But Spring is better not to put, because you can accidentally get anything hamster. A top can make the open or put plexiglass.

no drinking bowls for the hamster to do that?


If you have the time and inclination, you can makefloors inside the cell. The distance between the floors must be at least 30 cm. It is important that the floors in the cell were made of plastic in the form of shelves, not iron lattice. Do not forget that besides all this in the house will need to install the wheel, drinkers, feeders and other equipment at your discretion.

a hamster drink

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