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How to make a cage for a hamster with your own hands

How to make a cage for a hamster with your own hands</a>

You have a small hamster, but do not know where to keep it. Previously, many owners of hamsters lived in cages for parrots or in liter cans.

Since the cage specifically for the hamster was not possible to find.

Now you can buy at any pet store, but you can do it yourself.



First, decide where you want to put the cage. It can not be put in places where people smoke and draft. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity. Also not recommended placement on the floor, the windowsill, next to the air conditioning. Hamsters and so on average live, depending on the conditions of maintenance and feeding from 1.5 to 3.5 years. So that your little friend lived as long as possible, follow the recommendations.

How to make a hutch for a hamster


The best option is to make the cage out of wood. To do this you will need a multilayer plywood and wooden boards approximately 12-15 mm thick. The size should not be less than 40x50 cm, the minimum height is 50 cm. - the more spacious, the more comfortable the hamster will be. The floor for the cell must be plastic. You can make it so that he would be nominated. So it will be more convenient for you to clean it.
The rods must be metal and not thin, andThe distance between them should not exceed 5-10 mm, so that the hamster could not gnaw them or crawl between them. The door must be placed so that you can conveniently put food, clean the cage inside and just put your hands in the cage. Please note that your pet can not open it yourself. But on the springs it is better not to put, because accidentally you can pinch something a hamster. And you can make the top open or put plexiglas.

No drinking trough for a hamster what to do?


If you have time and desire, then you can doFloors inside the cage. The distance between the floors must be at least 30 cm. It is very important that the floors in the cage are made in the form of plastic shelves, not iron gratings. Do not forget that in addition to all this in the house you will need to install a wheel, a drinking bowl, a trough and other equipment at your discretion.

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