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Cafe on the roof

Cafe or restaurant on the roof - this is a very popular business today.

Such an institution can be made not just cozy and comfortable, but also very romantic.

You will need

  • A building with a convenient platform on the roof, the building material, furniture, decorative objects, vases, flowers and palm trees.



Determine the building, the roof of which youwant to build a cafe, should first check its suitability. The roof needs to be really strong. After all, it will be used as a floor. So such a roof must withstand not only all the bearing structures and furniture, but also people. Also it is necessary to take into account the weather and climate. Cafe on the roof in rainy areas - it is absolutely not a profitable business that is doomed to failure. In the first place you need to put the comfort and safety of visitors cafe.


The building for the café choose in the prosperous andbetter in the elite district of the city. Occupation of potential visitors and their income level is crucial when drawing up the menu. This should take care of the main chef. Ideal - to agree on the construction of a café on the roof of the building at the time of construction. After all, the task of finding a solid roof, where would a nice view can be really difficult.


The positive impression on visitors shouldleave clearance on the roof of a cafe. And at least the scenery - it is not the best solution. However, not clutter the space and cost. It is necessary to sustain the overall style of the cafe and at the same time to find a middle ground. In fact, on the roof of a cafe can be of any design: romantic with lots of details, luxurious with grandiose sofas, a nightclub with a dance floor and is very simple to conventional umbrellas. But some entrepreneurs used instead of beautiful umbrellas tents or tent.


Registration should be bright and colorful tocafe was noticeable to humans. Also, consider the lighting in the evening. It should not be very bright. Light twilight create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Guests will be easier to relax. Flowers in pots and tubs and even real trees - an indispensable attribute of a café on the roof. With their help, you can turn a cafe in the summer terrace: flower garden located on a private terrace and palm trees dotting the tables. It attracts many visitors it is green design.


Rooftop Cafe can be open-ended andclosed. Reconstruction should be coordinated with the building owners. Your project must fit in with the general rules of use of the building and do not violate them. Be prepared for the fact that the license fee, permits and other documents will take time.

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