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How to Make a Butterfly from Beads


How to Make a Butterfly from Beads</a>

All girls love jewelry, but special loveAnd popularity in both children and adults, use jewelry created by their own hands. No girl can stand against a beautiful butterfly, which she can weave from beads and decorate with a butterfly hair, dress or purse.

To make a butterfly, find and download on the Internet a simple scheme that allows you to weave it from the colored beads on the wire.



Prepare materials for weaving butterflies -Thin beaded wire, scissors, as well as beads of different sizes and colors. For the trunk, you will need 3 beads 2 mm in size, and 4 beads 3 mm in size. For butterfly wings, you will need 92 beads of 2 mm in size, and two larger beads, 4 mm each, for butterfly eyes. For the wings, use beads of different colors to make them colorful and elegant.


Put the scheme of weaving the butterfly in front of you,To constantly see her. Fold in half a piece of wire and put one small bead on the wire for the trunk. From the beads on both sides will come out the two ends of the wire. Take a second bead of the same size and thread it on both sides of these two ends so that they intersect inside the beads and come out of the opposite holes.


Similarly, weave a third bead of the trunk,And then two big beads. You have a workpiece for the trunk with two ends of wire sticking out to the sides. At each end, thread 18 beads for the lower wings. After that, string 24 beads for the upper wings on each wire.


Form and fix the wings, and then passIn the wire are large beads for butterfly eyes and fasten the last bead of the torso. Twist the tips of the wire between them so that your butterfly does not fall apart, and wind up the loose ends, depicting the spiral beads of a butterfly. To make the spirals the same, wind the tips of the wire on a stick or pencil.


In order for the product to be larger, use a larger bead for weaving. Attach a pin to the butterfly - you have got an unusual brooch.

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