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How to make a bulk postcard with their hands

Bulk card

Volumetric cards look very nice.

Such a child will appreciate a gift from my mother. You can create a three-dimensional postcard in the art pop-up and give your loved.

Ideas for painting pictures - set.

It is better to start with a simple option.

Card for Mom on March 8 or birthday

How nice child with their hands to make a gift to mum.

To help create a small masterpiece of a child for the mother can other adults: big brother, sister, dad.

First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary:
- Color carton
- nozhnitsy-
- Color bumagu-
- Glue.
First, draw a tulip flower pattern. Now it can be applied to any color paper and cut 5 equal parts. Each fold in half, and then straighten.
Halves of one piece with the wrong side promazhte glue to fold and glue it to the half of the second part. Likewise, all the glued pieces 5 surround tulip.
Card itself can be made in the form of a bouquet. To do this, cut out a rectangle of cardboard, folded in half. Now, from the lower part upward diagonally cut unnecessary turns triangular card. On top of scissors to do the edge waveform.
Volume flower pasted exactly in the middle, it goes from the stem, located exactly on the bend.

From template you can draw a rose petals and glue the flowers in the center of postcards.

When my mother's birthday card will give itvery overjoyed. After all, her beloved child's hand made, in addition, bulk cards look very impressive. The birth of this masterpiece of the paper coincides with the day of the birth mother.

Adults options

But not only it will be nice to get a bulkpostcard created a loved one handed. This original gift can be made on the day of birth with their hands as a gift to a friend, loved one.
Volume pop-up cards to create too easy. It is necessary to take a rectangular piece of white paper in it and draw two chamfered corner opposite to each other. It will turn the hexagon. Now we have to take a knife and cut the office this figure into parallel strips of width 0.5 cm.
It is important to step back from the edge, so to cutfashion figure kept on the main page. Now carefully bend the outer contours of the figure and fold it in half. Uncut outer part (2 perimeter and angle) coat with glue.
Take a rectangular sheet of thick paper, write on one of its inner sides of greetings, the resulting paste into the middle of the cutaway figure. The birthday will be delighted.
Thus it is possible to issue cards and toany other joyful events. You can hand them in this form or draw beautiful postmark, specify the original address and write warm words of congratulations.

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