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How to make a brochure in the Word


The need to document a document in a brochure format can arise for various reasons.

This is the convenience of presenting information, and saving consumables, and preparing printing products for replication in the printing house.

All these tasks can be solved with the help of the text editor Word.

Brochure format

Many had to face the needPrint the document so that it has a brochure format. This format is easier to print out methodical instructions, lectures, small books, advertising booklets. The type of brochure is not only convenient and familiar for reading, but also economical in terms of using paper and ink.

The format of the brochures is determined by its length and width when folded. Usually, for reasons of aesthetics, brochures with a format larger than A4 and smaller than A5 are made rarely.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the brochure is betterEverything from the newly created document. So you can eliminate problems with the location of the various elements used in the document. You can also make a brochure from the finished document.

In the Word text editor, brochures of A5 format are printed on A4 sheets, dividing it in half along the long side into two pages.

Layout of brochure in the Word

In the "File" menu, select "Settings"pages". Then go to the "Fields" tab. Here you can customize the fields of the document to your taste. The smaller the field, the more useful space of the page will be involved. In the next step, select the "Brochure" option from the "Multiple Pages" list. After this is done, the orientation of the page will change to landscape, if it was before the book.
Now you can customize the brochure: In the fields "Inside and Outside" you need to specify the number of spaces placed in the inner and outer parts of the field-in the "Binding" field-the number of spaces required to place the binding-in the "Page Setup" window-other settings.

Tasks for printing

To configure tasks for printing, you need toList "Number of pages in the brochure" specify the number of pages that will be printed as one brochure. If the document has more pages than the given number, word will print the document as several brochures.
To go directly to a documentYou need to click the "File" button and select "Print". Often, many printers do not have a built-in two-sided printing function of the document, so in the print window, you need to mark "Two-sided printing".
First, one side of the pages is printed, thenThere is an offer to turn over the pages and reinsert them into the printer with the opposite side. It remains only to press the button to continue printing and finish the process of producing the brochure in the Word.

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