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How to make a brochure


How to make a brochure</a>

Before contacting a company that offers printing services, you should not be able to understand the finer points and the sequence of the process.



After you have decided on the topic of the brochureIt is necessary to develop it and develop a design. Start typing with the information you want to put in the brochure. Having worked on the text, you will know exactly which brochure you want to order in the printing house. Most often brochures are ordered by A5 or A4 size. Let us dwell on their features.
A5 format? More often this text edition, they usually have more text than illustrations. Therefore, brochures A5 are traditionally made inside black and white with a full-color cover. Such brochures are cheaper in preparation and printing. However, text information is not perceived as well as graphic information.
A4 format? Often this is a full-color publication, which is used if it is necessary to show the consumer the full importance of the project, its "consistency"? And convey the maximum visual and textual information. Brochures of this format are usually printed on good, coated paper. Such brochures work well for the customer / project image, but are expensive in execution.
The layout of the brochures isSpecial tailor-made programs, and, accordingly, requires the skills of owning these programs. We assume that you nevertheless address to experts, and we will not dwell on the types and features of the verstal programs.


Design is an important stage in the preparation of a brochure,Give him more time. Because, as far as a good, attractive design directly depends on the success of your advertising company. When choosing a design, always build on the contents of the brochure. Make your choice in the benefits of style, quality, accessibility and beauty. Design should not only reflect the semantic load of the text, but also complement it, cause the consumer to read and re-read the brochure, take it in hand and consider it. In a word ? Attract and hold attention.


There are two types of printing brochures: Offset and digital. Both ways have their own merits. Choosing a way of printing proceed from the financial possibilities. The digital method is faster, but more expensive. Offset printing requires more time, but is cheaper, especially with a large print run.


Building a brochure is an important point,The final chord of great work. And in order for the assembly to go well and without problems, the entire technological process from the very beginning had to go flawlessly? Otherwise, on this, the last stage all the jambs will come out ?.

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