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How to make a brilliant magnets

How to make a brilliant magnets

Tired of boring monotonous view of the refrigerator?

Dilute it with fresh shiny magnets - they are made fast and easy!

You will need

  • - Small magnity-
  • - blёstki-
  • - kist-
  • - glue gun-
  • - Decorative felted wool balls (pompoms).



A small amount of sequins pour onto the paper. Using the brush, apply a little glue on the magnet. Shake the glitter from the paper to the magnets. Apply several layers if necessary.


You can buy or make felt ballstheir own. This ball is very simple from the ordinary wool or yarn. Just wrap a few strands around your finger, the middle of the tie, and cut off the ends.


Apply the remaining magnets little glue with a brush. Top carefully glue bead. Allow to dry. Your magnets are ready!

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