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How to make a bracelet with crystals

How to make a bracelet with crystals

This bracelet baroque style can be worn with a T-shirt and a leather jacket.

He also adds a bit of glamor to any conservative outfit.

You will need

  • -voylok or fetr-
  • -Large strazy-
  • -steklyarus-
  • -beads-
  • -kozhany strap with pryazhkoy-
  • -glue-
  • -scissors-
  • -nitki.



First you need to cut two equal parts the foundations of felt or batt. The shape may be any bases: a flower, a lozenge or a round.


Sewn or glued to one of the first foundations of large crystals. Then between them sew bugle. The edges of the bases sheathe beads.


Cut the strip of leather strap or takeready, for example, from hours. Glue it to the final basis and give the glue to dry. Then glue to the back of the second part of the felt and giving too dry.


To felt part of tight hold, can be neatly sew them together matching colored thread. Attach the buckle to the bracelet. Bracelet ready!

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