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How to make a bracelet with rhinestones


How to make a bracelet with rhinestones</a>

This baroque bracelet can be worn with both a t-shirt and a leather jacket.

Also he will add a little glamor to any conservative side.

You will need

  • -wool or felt-
  • -larger rhinestones-
  • -steklyarus-
  • -beads-
  • Leather strap with buckle-
  • -glue-
  • -scissors-
  • -notki.



First you need to cut two identical parts of the base from felt or felt. The shape of the stem can be any: in the form of a flower, in the form of a diamond or simply round.


Nashivaem or glued to one part of the foundation first large crystals. Then between them we sew glass beads. The edges of the backbone are beaded.


Cut out the leather strap for the strap or we takeReady, for example, from the clock. We glue it to the finished substrate and allow the glue to dry. Then glue to the back of the second felt part and also let it dry.


To felted parts held tight, you can gently sew them with each other suitable for color threads. Attach the buckle to the bracelet. The bracelet is ready!

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