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How to make a bracelet from the lightning with his hands?

How to make a bracelet of lightning with his hands?

Hand-made accessories are popular today.

Needlewoman create beautiful products from almost any scrap materials.

New fashionable chip steel bracelets ordinary lightning.

Accessories are obtained unusual, spectacular and authentic.

Thin bracelet lightning

Appearance bracelets of lightning will dependonly by your imagination. However, the first product with your hands is better to do simple. So you nabete hand, you understand the basics of skill and you will know some tricks.

The main working material - lightning - you can likepurchase clothing stores and otporot old clothes. Note: The length depends on your idea. You can easily shorten any lightning of necessity.

For bracelets suit both long and short zipper. Metal or plastic - you choose. The first material looks impressive and is suitable for the evening, the second - a bright and cheerfully.

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For the production of stylish accessories, in addition to lightning, you will need:
- Transparent Klein
- Fasteners for brasletov-
- uzkogubtsy-
- lipuchki-
- nozhnitsy-
- Additional fittings.

The simplest version of the bracelet - narrow single product. Take plastic vivid lightning. Carefully trim the fabric is almost close to the buckle.

Try separated by zipper, wrapping her wrist,shorten it as necessary. Attach special clasps for bracelets on each side. Your fashion accessory is ready. You can easily change it a bit, making it more broad. To do this, create a few thin bracelets and connect them into a single, stitched fishing line or tabbing on fabric.

Beautiful bracelet of lightning for night out

Nice and original look of the braceletsmetal zippers. For a spectacular accessory best suited contrasting material.: Black fabric and gold zipper, denim and silver, etc. Fancy bracelets will help you to create an interesting image.

Take a long metal zipper: it must embrace your wrist twice. Cut it in half and connect the two halves lengthwise. On both ends, place the Velcro that allows the bracelet to be easily fixed on the wrist.

Connect the lightning you can in two ways. First, just stick one tissue to another part. Second, sew them together using a decorative stitch and contrast / right color thread.

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To make the bracelet, you will need moreone or two lightning. Their teeth may correspond clove base or be a contrast (eg, non-ferrous metal). Divide the zipper and trim on each side of the cloth straps. These blanks glue on the base, laying curls, simple flowers, spiral patterns. Always make sure that the glue dries well. For registration can also use glitter, beads or sequins.

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