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How to make a bracelet of satin ribbon

How to make a bracelet with a satin ribbon

Jewellery made with their own hands, look no worse than purchased.

I suggest you make an elegant bracelet made of satin ribbon and beads.

You will need

  • - satin ribbon-
  • - beads-
  • - leska-
  • - Needle.



Take a satin ribbon and bend it toit has formed a loop, and so that from one end hung her tip at least 20 centimeters in length. Abandoned piece of tape will continue to play the role of the ties for the bracelet.


The resulting loop must be pierced with a needlefishing line. Now start to string beads one by one. After bead strung, should again enter the needle and fishing line in satin ribbon. Thus, before whipping until it reaches the decoration desired length. As a result, should get a kind of accordion belts.


At the end of the work needed to fix the line. Make it quite easy: simply print the needle with fishing line on the wrong side of the ornaments and make her more nodes.


Once secured the line, on the edge of the product need to tie a knot in the ribbon so that it was as close as possible to the last bead. Bracelet satin ribbon ready!

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