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How to make a bracelet out of beads and safety pins

How to make a bracelet with beads and safety pins

Many people know that the beads, you can create a huge number of all kinds of jewelry. It turns out that does not necessarily have a lot of skills that make him a unique bracelet.

I offer you a charming bracelet of beads and pins.

You will need

  • - Beads of different colors-
  • - bulavki-
  • - Elastic stretch lace.



Before making bracelets,to do some harvesting. To do this, beads strung on a pin in a certain order. At this stage everything depends on your imagination. It can be strung like beads of the same color, and mix different. By the way, this decoration can be diluted with beads of different sizes and shapes, it is only emphasize its originality.


Then, using scissors is necessary to cut 2 pieces of elastic cord. That they will keep our unusual bracelet. Through the holes in the pins should lend a kind of gum.


After the bracelet reaches the desired length,you need to fix it, that is accurately relate the elastic cords. Do not forget during stringing pins on cable continually try the product, otherwise you can easily make a mistake with his size. Decoration should be easy to dress on the arm and drag her. The bracelet of beads and pins ready!

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