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How to make a bracelet made of fabric and rhinestones

How to make a bracelet made of fabric and rhinestones

This stylish bracelet in "vintage" style will be very original accessory that will complement any fashionable outfit.

Large crystals add a little glamor to your image.

You will need

  • - Linen fabric
  • - The old section of the belt, or thick cloth
  • - 2 D-rings
  • - Large crystals
  • - beads
  • - Decorative elements in "vintage" style
  • - Jewelry Clasp



Cut out a rectangle of linen fabric. Fold it in half and stitched by along the edge. Gut-wrenching. Otutyuzhivaem so that the seam has turned out in the middle.


To form the bracelet is well kept and was harder, you need to insert the old belt line or a rectangle of thick fabric.


Now, to the ends of the future need to sew the bracelet D-shaped rings. Before you sew on the second ring, be sure to do a fitting bracelet on his wrist.


Now you can begin decorating. Sewn in the middle of a large band of rhinestones and beads around it. Next, we sew on both sides of one large rhinestones, vintage elements, etc.


So we decorate the entire bracelet and attach the clasp. Bracelet ready!

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