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How to make a box for plants

How to make a box of plants

Almost all indoor plants love sunlight.

So what prevents them to give him? The beautiful summer weather, you can make them out.

That it was convenient to do, make offer box, which will not be no trouble to carry them from place to place, that is, from the street to the house and vice versa.

You will need

  • - A rectangular piece fanery-
  • - naschelnik-
  • - Acrylic kraska-
  • - A round wooden reyka-
  • - Wooden ugolok-
  • - Decorative pchely-
  • - Furniture stepler-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - lobzik-
  • - Glue gun.



Flat strips cut into segments of equal length. Segments should be enough to keep them it was enough to make a small "fence." Every detail must be processed sandpaper to get rid of the bumps and irregularities.


From wood to saw the corner should be 4 partsof the same size as the segments of the flat strips, and 4 parts of equal length and width of a rectangular piece of plywood. These corners using glue glue gun on the perimeter of the plywood - glue the first vertically, second, respectively, horizontally. After dry out the lower corners, attach to them the details of the battens, which will play the role of "fence".


To our product has been tightened, it is necessary every detail further consolidate the furniture stapler.


From the circular rack to do 4 parts. Their size depends on the width and length of the craft. Once you file off them, stick to the outer sides just above the middle of the "fence". It is necessary to paint the product in bright color of acrylic paint and decorate it with decorative bees. Box plant transfer is ready!

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