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How to make a box for plants


How to make a box for plants</a>

Almost all indoor flowers love sunlight.

So what prevents to give them to him? In fine summer weather, you can take them outside.

That it was convenient to do, I propose to make a box, in which no difficulty will be to transfer them from place to place, that is, from the street to the house and vice versa.

You will need

  • - a rectangular piece of plywood-
  • - cover-
  • - Acrylic paint-
  • - Round wooden rod-
  • - wooden corner-
  • - decorative bees-
  • - furniture stapler-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - jig saw-
  • - glue gun.



Nashchelnik cut into pieces of the same length. There should be so many cuts that they are enough to make a small "fence". Every detail must be treated with sandpaper to get rid of roughness and roughness.


From the wooden corner it is necessary to file 4 detailsThe same size as the segments from the cover, and 4 more pieces, equal to the length and width of the rectangular piece of plywood. Obtain the corners with an adhesive gun around the perimeter of the plywood - the first glue vertically, the second, respectively, horizontally. After the lower corners have dried, fix on them the details from the cover, which will play the role of "fence".


In order for our product to be stronger, it is necessary to fix every detail with a furniture stapler.


From the round bar you need to make 4 parts. Their size depends on the width and length of the craft. Once you have them, glue them on the outside just above the center of the fence. It remains to paint the product in a bright color of acrylic paint and decorate it with decorative bees. The transfer case is ready!

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