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How to make a bow for York


A small ball of fur with a bow on top,proudly pacing next to the hostess or interest to look back the neighborhood from under the armpits hostess - it's a Yorkshire terrier. Red bow on her head - it is a hallmark of the breed Yorkies, like a poodle - curls, and a boxer - malocclusion.

Barrettes and bows are sold in stores, but they are all the same type.

If you want your dog to look original - you can make your own bow.

You will need

  • To do this you will need:
  • - Various wide tesma-
  • - Thin braids for otdelki-
  • - The color of the selected thread tesmy-
  • - leska-
  • - Klein
  • - Beads, sequins, strazy-
  • - Decorative Klein
  • - Pens, markers, crayons or any other items round form-
  • - Latex gum or zakolki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • -zhelatin or hairspray strong fiksatsii-
  • - Needles and silk nitki-
  • - A match or lighter.



Take wide braid and cut two or threestrip whichever will double or triple bow. One strip 9 cm, each subsequent 1-1.5 cm shorter. Anneal edge of slips, so they do not have spread. If you want to decorate bow a thin braid, sew her fishing line in the shortest ribbon.

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Sew the ends of each ribbon should havethree rings of tape. If you just gently flash does not work, you can first glue the ends of the usual stationery glue, a pencil, and then carefully sew threads.

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Fold each in half and sewn ribbon tickthe middle line. You can use the ruler and chalk. Fine stitches sewn middle, slightly tighten (prisobiraem) and fix a bundle.

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Sew all work together. And immediately sew latex gum, glue or super glue hairpin.

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In each resulting thread the ring handle, pen, or any other round thing, as long as they fit in diameter.


Prepare a solution of gelatin, thistake the gelatin and fill it with a small amount of boiling water, so that was very goo. Stir the gelatin until dissolved. Then gently brush the resulting substance promazhte whole bow. For simplicity, you can use a strong lacquer or super strong fixation.


Overall bow ready. It remains only to decorate it with a variety of sequins, beads, rhinestones, etc. - It all depends on your imagination.

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