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How to make a bow in minecraft

How to make a bow in minecraft

Bow - a powerful ranged weapons.

Armed with a bow player can effectively resist the aggressive monsters, which is full of forests and caves of Minecraft.


The ability to make a bow at the very beginning of the game allows you to feel confident enough at the world study. This is especially true travel through the caves in search of resources.

To create a bow requires three poles and three threads. Sticks can be made from any of the boards, which can be obtained from wood (most likely in the area where you were, plenty of trees, the wood can be extracted with bare hands), the thread will have to search. They can be extracted from the web by means of scissors or a sword can be disassembled into wool thread block, you can kill the spider.

Optimally to make all wooden or stonesword, especially when next to your home you have noticed the spiders. The sword can be drawn from one stick and two blocks boards or cobblestones. It is better to initially make a couple of swords, because the board and stones - not too strong materials.

Taking the sword, go in search of spiders orWeb. It is not necessary to climb into the ground without adequate preparation, it is better to look for them on the surface. Ground spiders are not as aggressive as the cave. During the day they do not attack the player first, so that you can walk on the surface relatively quiet. To gather enough threads, you need to kill between two and six spiders. If you find a place, cobwebby, neatly cut down a few blocks of the extreme, but do not climb inside, most likely there are many spiders. Better to remember this place and return to it fully armed.
Having collected enough yarn returns to itshome. Open the bench, place the thread so as to fill any extreme vertical, three sticks should form a diamond pattern in the remaining half of the cells as shown in the accompanying picture.

You can try to get the bow, killing the skeleton. These monsters are found on the surface and underground. Killing them is not very difficult, above all when approaching - dodge their arrows.

Create arrows

Unfortunately, for the effective use of the bowneeded boom. Arrows are made from sticks, feathers and flint. Flint can be found by digging up the gravel - it is free-flowing, gray material, which can be found on the banks of the rivers under layers of sand. Dig it better shovel. Feathers can be obtained by killing chickens. Chickens - friendly creatures that can live in any region.

Find an area that is inhabited by chickens, do not forget to collect the eggs, which must be very much around. With their help, you can make a chicken farm near the house.

From the pen of flint and sticks at the bench get four arrows.

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