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How to make a bow on her head

Hairstyle "bow" is a very original and popular. It is very convenient, and its creation does not require a lot of time.

Try to create an elegant bow on the head, which will emphasize your day or evening outfit.



you need to create exquisite bowhairspray, a pair of rubber bands, pins and invisible. If the hair is a little curl, they must first straighten. Carefully comb the hair with a fine comb and sprinkle with varnish strong fixation.


Select the triangle of hair in the crown area, leaving a small and equal strands at the temples. Screw locks on large rollers to create extra volume.


Grease hand gel or wax, after whichmake of hair left behind the tail. Pull it as a possible rubber band tighter. So the hair will not fall apart, and hair will gain a more accurate view. Select one strand at the top of the tail, and kill her. She will need later.


Put on the bottom of the tail and another gumdivide into two equal parts of the hair, which are located between the upper and lower gums, forming one bow, and then secure it with pins. Nacheshite tips and lightly moisten them with varnish. Because hair becomes more lush.


Make a knot in a bow, usingstrand, left in advance. Place it in the center of the bow and secure the bottom of the invisible. Hide tips inside the hair, to get a smooth bow, and from the hairs do not protrude.


Twist a small plait hair from the temporal areaand securely tighten them by pins, hiding under the bow. Place the wave of bangs, and kill the invisible, then fix with varnish. After 15-20 minutes, remove the invisible, flatten the resulting hairstyle.


Upon request, try to decorate the finished hairstylerim or small pins. You can also use pins and inlaid stones of different colors and sizes. Do not forget that jewelry must match the chosen together by color and style, so the pre-select the appropriate things.

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