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How to make a bow maynkraft

How do maynkrafte bow and arrow

Maynkraft can be used to fight the enemies of various weapons.

To fight at a distance, it is possible to use a bow and arrow.

It is also convenient to use these weapons to destroy flying targets.

Because of these unique features, many players want to be crafted is a means of warfare, and accordingly, first learn how to make a bow and arrows in Maynkraft.

How to make a bow in Mankrafte

For the production of onions is necessary to find three sticks. Also you need three webs, which can be collected from the spiders.

How to find or make a boom in Maynkraft

To shoot a bow, arrows need. When you kill the skeleton, he can lose them. Since they do not break down, so you can successfully use the arrows, picking them.

Maynkraft can make arrows independently. For their craft will need a stone, falling at instillation gravel, sticks and feathers of slaughtered chickens.

How to make a fire bow Maynkraft

Many players Maynkrafta heard about the existence of a fiery bow, igniting enemies and inflicting more damage. However, everything can be much easier - it is only necessary to make fire arrows.

To become a regular arrow of fire, it is necessaryshoot into the lava, then it will light up. Arrows issued to a lava skeletons will not burn for one block, and two in height, thus more damage.

Arrows, released through the lava, go out. To do eternally flaming arrows, the bow should be enchanted to fire.

How to enchant the bow maynkraft

Charmed bows have additional beneficial properties.

To enchant the bow, must be crafted table enchantment and gain level.

To make the level, you need to be crafted bulb, hold them in the oven, break them down and collect the precipitate experience.

To make the table enchantment, you need four books, two diamond and obsidian.

On the table you can improve not only their bows, but also much more.

Make an enchanted bow may be taking a subject and clicking the mouse on the table enchantment by the required level.

You can do several kinds of charms for onions: power, ignition, shock wave, infinity.

How to fix a broken bow

To make a bow maynkraft whole, it is necessary to put two anvil broken.

How to use a bow Maynkraft

To shoot a bow, you need to stretch the string clamp PKM, and then let go.

The more interference, the more fly jib and the larger cause damage.

Maynkraft can also make a diamond bow, but for its production need to fashion More Bows.

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