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How to make a bouquet of candy with his own hands

How to make a bouquet of candy with his own hands

Sweet bouquet of candy in appearancenot nearly loses a bouquet of fresh flowers. Bouquet of sweets, you can make your own hands, using the candy that loves to bestow woman most.

With such a gift still need to tinker a bit, but he will definitely be impressed.

You will need

  • - Corrugated paper
  • - Narrow and wide tape
  • - Teip Feed
  • - wire
  • - grid
  • - bow
  • - Ornamental foliage
  • - scissors
  • - clippers
  • - Ravine barbecue



The wire cut into equal segments of 8-10 cm. Cut the thin strip of 25-28 cm in length.


Corrugated paper cut into rectangles18h20 cm. The number of boxes will depend on the number of sweets in a bouquet. Each rectangle cut the corner of the square (as shown).


Each candy is wrapped in a separate box.


Fasten a piece of candy to the wire. The wire wrapped teip-tape, and on top of bud (closer to the ground), tying a narrow ribbon.


Each bud straighten the edges of corrugated paper, thereby forming the petals of a bud.


To stick BBQ fasten artificial flowers and herbs using teip feeds. That will have one large branch with flowers.


The resulting branch with flowers decorate the grid for flowers. At the base of the bouquet bow fastened. Sweet bouquet with their hands ready!

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