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How to make a bouquet of roses in a heart shape

Heart of roses

If you want to make an original gift to his beloved - give her a beautiful bouquet. He will certainly be appreciated if you produce it yourself.

Enjoy your favorite, make for her a bouquet of roses in a heart shape.

You will need

  • - Red roses-
  • - Floral pena-
  • - Strawberry-
  • - igolki-
  • - zubochistki-
  • - Feed.



To begin with, we should cut out the shape of the heartfloral foam. For fresh flowers should be chosen foam green because it is very well absorb the liquid. It flowers can stand as long as possible.


Soak a sponge in water for 20-30 seconds, no more, otherwise it will greatly razmoknet. Next, apply the foam on a napkin to glass excess water.


Cut the stems of roses shears, leaving a smallfeet in size just 5-7 centimeters. Feet should be left to further insert them into the sponge. The leaves at the same time also can be left for later heart decoration.


Spread over the surface of the sponge roses,alternately inserting the stems into the foam at a distance from each other of 1-2 cm. Remember - the rose must fit tightly to each other, leaving no gaps between them.


The remaining leaves on the stems turn cut and use as a side border. To the leaves were kept, you can assign them to each other decorative needles.


Complete bouquet of fruit, making one halfheart of roses, the other - from the fruit. For example, it is perfect for this purpose strawberries. Push it to the toothpick and insert the sponge alternately. It is also able to serve as a wonderful decoration and sweets, such as truffles. You can combine them with previously placed on the perimeter of the fruit bouquet, if desired. The main thing - to observe the style of bouquet, and do not overdo it with decorations.


The remaining cut rose stems can also beused for decoration. Slice them into sticks by 5 centimeters, prefabricated tie red ribbons on 2-3 pieces, and then fix on the side of the needles around the perimeter of the heart. The composition is ready! Do not forget to attach to the heart of a love note or greeting in the form of postcards.

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