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How to make a bootable image

How to make bootable image

The boot image? is a virtual copy of the CD with the program or game.

All its difference from uncompressed disk is that the installation files, called distributions, are stored in a single file in the? ISO format ?.

You will need

  • Programs UltraISO and Daemon Tools.



The first step in the beginning it is worth noting that forReading the boot images required a virtual CD / DVD-ROM. To install it, just download from the Internet shareware program Daemon Tools. It is good that for the installation of the virtual boot disk grabs her free features. After installation, you must reboot your computer.


To create boot images andspecial software is required. There are a variety of programs such as, for example,? Nero? or? Ashampoo ?, but the simplest of them, and with the free? it? UltraISO ?. The program allows you to create a file? ISO? ? those. boot image of the disc being in the moment, in the CD / DVR-ROM computer (a copy of an existing disk), or allows you to create the same image from a folder with files copied to any disc.


If you need to unpack and burnthe resulting ISO-file on a blank disc, use all the same? UltraISO ?. Select? Burn the file? and through conductor select ISO-image file. And if you want to run a virtual disk on your computer, following the physical disk recovery start? Daemon Tools ?, icon which will appear in the system tray at the clock on the Windows toolbar. Right-click on it and get the context menu? Mount image ?. Press and select through a conductor with the boot image file. After this operation, go to the? My Computer? and you will see a new CD / DVD-ROM with virtual disk.

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