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How to make a boot flush


How to make a boot flush</a>

So loved by all CD and DVD discs gradually give up their positions and are inferior to the palm of the primacy USB-drives - portable hard drives and flash drives.

This is not surprising, because there is simply no point in storing a 5 GB hard drive, when it is possible to purchase a small sized fingerprint with a total capacity of 32 GB.

And when it becomes possible to install an operating system from a USB flash drive, its importance increases many times.

You will need

  • USB multiboot, flash-card



First make the USB drive multiboot. This is necessary in order to be able to run it via MS-Dos. Download the usb multiboot archive containing all the necessary programs. Find the USB Disk Storage Format utility in it and start it. Select the desired file system, cluster size and click "Start".

How to make a boot flush


Open the Grub4Dos Installer utility. Select the desired USB drive and click "Install". Find in the downloaded archive the following files: grldr, memtest.img, bootfont.bin and menu.lst. Copy them to the root directory of your flash drive. Your boot drive is ready.

How to make a boot flush


If you need to install from a USB flash drive system, do the following: - Insert the Windows installation disk into the CD-
- Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port-
- Copy all the files from the disk to the USB flash drive. Note that the image of Windows 7 takes more than 4 GB, and for installing Windows XP you will have enough flash drives 2-4 GB.

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