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How to make a bootable flash

How to make a bootable flash

So beloved by all CD and DVD drives are gradually losing ground and yield the palm to USB-drive - portable hard drives and USB flash drive.

This is not surprising, because it just does not make sense to store the mountain of 5 GB discs, when there is an opportunity to buy a small USB flash drive the size of a little finger with a total capacity of 32 GB.

And when it is possible to install an operating system from a USB drive, its importance increases many times.

You will need

  • USB multiboot, flash-card



First make a multiboot USB-drive. This is necessary to ensure that the opportunity to run it through the MS-Dos.Skachayte archive usb multiboot, containing all the necessary programs. Locate the utility USB Disk Storage Format and run it. Select the desired file system, cluster size, and then press "Start".

How to make a bootable flash


Open the utility Grub4Dos Installer. Select the desired USB-drive and click on «Install». Locate the downloaded archive set the following files: grldr, memtest.img, bootfont.bin and menu.lst. Copy them to the root directory of your USB drive. Your bootable flash drive is ready.

How to make a bootable flash


If you have a need to install from a USB drive system, follow these steps: - Insert the Windows installation disc into diskovod-
- Insert the flash drive into the USB-Port
- Copy all the files from a disc to a USB flash drive. Note that Windows 7 image occupies more than 4 GB, and the Windows XP installation, you have enough stick the size of 2-4 GB.

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