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How to make a body scrub improvised

How to make a body scrub improvised

Clear skin, make it soft, supple andelastic, give it a healthy and beautiful color helps body scrub. Despite the huge variety of shops cosmetics with peeling effect, the popularity of homemade cosmetics is growing day by day.

At the same time to make a body scrub can even be improvised.

You will need

  • - oat flakes-
  • - milk-
  • - Large sea salt-
  • - Oil abrikosa-
  • - risks
  • - olive oil-
  • - water-
  • - Brown sugar-
  • - lemon juice-
  • - ground coffee-
  • - Honey.



Take 1-1.5 tbsp oatmeal and grind them in a coffee grinder in the flour. Spread the oat milk powder (dough should get). Apply ready oatmeal scrub with gentle circular movements on damp clean skin and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse the body with water temperature comfortable.


Mix 2 cups of sea salt? cup apricot oil. Take a shower. Scoop hand cleansing cosmetic product and apply it gently in a circular motion on the prepared skin: hand with scrub firmly pressed to the body, but is not strong push, as this may cause damage to the skin. After 3-5 minutes, rinse with cleaning cosmetic mixture of warm water.


Grind in a coffee grinder 1 tsp rice grains and 2 hours.l. oatmeal. Then dilute the powder 1 tsp olive oil. If rice-oatmeal scrub turned out too thick, add to the mix a little cooled boiled water. The cosmetic weight put on the prepared skin: the movement should be gentle, but at the same time intense. After 5-7 minutes rice-oatmeal scrub rinse with water temperature comfortable.


An excellent result gives usesugar belongings. To prepare a cosmetic mixture, mix 2 tbsp 1.5-2 tablespoons sugar crushed oatmeal. Further, in this mixture, add 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp olive oil. Clean, damp skin cover of the cleaning mixture, sugar scrub, leave for 5-8 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This cosmetic weight not only cleanses the skin but also moisturizes it.


For the preparation of coffee and honey mixture cleaningTake 2-2.5 tbsp ground coffee and mix it with 4 tablespoons honey. Similarly, the effect of having a cosmetic mixture prepared by the following recipe: Mix 2 tablespoons 3 tablespoons honey ground coffee and 4-5 drops of olive oil. To increase the exfoliating effect, a ready means of slightly warm water bath. Then scrub with gentle massage movements put on the skin prepared, leave the mush for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

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